What is the annual fee for the Board Leadership Program and what does it cover?
For the full board membership, the annual fee is based on the number directors serving on the board. Individual memberships are now available, as well. Contact Leigh Steele at 615-309-3212 or Leigh.steele@nyse.com for pricing information.

How do I know which educational events are available?
An updated list of events is available on boardmember.com/conference. Additionally, Board Leadership Program members will receive periodic updates on events and offerings.

Is the Board Leadership Program a formalized continuing education or certification program?
No, the Board Leadership Program is a voluntary program to provide corporate secretaries, general counsel, and board leadership a convenient and effective tool to becoming better informed in these transparent times.

Is the Board Leadership Program affiliated in any way with Institutional Shareholder Services (ISS) or any other proxy advisory or investor group?
No, this is a voluntary program developed by NYSE Governance Services.

How can I include my participation or the participation of my board in shareholder communications?
Participation in the Board Leadership Program provides an opportunity for you/your company to make a proactive statement in the annual proxy under the SEC-mandated Director Qualification and Experience section, or other shareholder communications, that explains your board’s ongoing educational efforts.

Does the Board Leadership Program have any recommended language for such shareholder communications?
We encourage participating companies to include language such as, “To assist the Board of Directors in remaining current with their board duties, committee responsibilities and the many important developments impacting their business and company, our company participates in the NYSE Governance Services Board Leadership Program. This Program offers the Company’s directors access to a wide range of in-person, peer-based and webinar educational programs on corporate governance, committee duties and board leadership and industry developments.”

What if a director retires or a company adds board seats during the year?
The Board Leadership Program allows for adjustments to be made. If your company adds a board member during the agreement period, we will pro-rate the fee for that new member based on the number of months left in your membership. The company’s corporate secretary will need to notify NYSE Governance Services of any directors who should be added or removed from participation in the program.

What if my company is small and doesn’t have a separate corporate secretary position?
That membership spot may be filled by a company officer of your choice.

Can my company be a part of the Board Leadership Program if traded on NASDAQ or other exchange?
Yes, any company, private, public and regardless of exchange, is eligible to participate.

If our board participates in the Board Leadership Program, do directors have to attend an event? What if my company has directors who are opposed or have scheduling difficulty attending any “educational” event?
While we encourage and support board education, and offer many resources to promote that objective, there is no requirement for attendance at Board Leadership Program events.

Is our company in any way prohibited from attending or participating in other educational events offered by other providers?
No, companies can utilize the Board Leadership Program open-content platform to best meet individual director and board needs to enhance their board’s ongoing educational efforts.