Risk Management


Taking the Offense Against Cyber Risk

August 6, 2014

Third Quarter 2014 Corporate Board Member by Charles Keenan Companies have stepped up efforts to address cyber risk in recent years, but the increasing speed and growing sophistication of attacks raises the question of how well management and boards can keep up. Within corporate America, there’s a growing realization that large consumer databases and intellectual…

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Insider Threats

May 8, 2014

By Samuel Visner The insider threat challenges not just the public sector but the commercial sector as well, placing in peril personal information, operational data, and critical intellectual property, which can be as valuable to some as the public sector’s classified information. We have seen in the retail world how clever cyber adversaries can be,…

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What Directors Think

January 4, 2014

First Quarter 2014 Corporate Board Member by Deborah Scally and Kimberly Crowe What kind of board does your company need to maintain a competitive edge? Industry and leadership experience are obviously important factors and most boards have added a financial expert thanks to Sarbanes-Oxley, but does your board have IT expertise? Social media savvy? How…

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What Directors Think: Part 2

January 4, 2014

Most boards have formal policies regarding ongoing board service and tenure. Just over half (53%) of directors reported that their boards employ a mandatory retirement age. In addition, 39% said their boards require a mandatory resignation submission in the event of a personal reputational event, such as a bankruptcy or arrest, and 28% require a…

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What Directors Think: Part 3

January 4, 2014

Ironically, despite the earlier finding noting that two-thirds of directors believe it’s important to refresh the board, they rated themselves least effective in terms of the nominating/governance committee’s process to effectively encourage board turnover and to create a board that has a balance of needed skills and diversity. Other relative weaknesses noted by respondents include…

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What Directors Think: Part 4

January 4, 2014

Another tough leadership decision boards have to face is whether to split the chairman/CEO role, an issue that was elevated following the financial crisis of 2008. In light of increasing investor pressure, it’s not surprising that 69% agree or strongly agree that splitting these roles results in more favorable proxy advisory recommendations; likewise, 64% agree…

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Becoming an FCPA-Savvy Director

January 3, 2014

by Homer E. Moyer, Jr., Miller & Chevalier How can directors, who are not management, but whose responsibilities extend to their companies’ anti-corruption compliance programs, meaningfully help the companies they serve? One answer is: by becoming FCPA-savvy directors. In defining how a board member can be a knowledgeable and valuable company resource in managing FCPA…

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